J. Boyd Long

Justin B. Long

J. Boyd Long

Justin B. Long

Author. Blogger. Philosopher. 

J. Boyd Long author
J. Boyd Long author
J. Boyd Long
Justin B. Long author

Two Names. One Person. 

Justin Long writes books in a variety of genres. His memoirs and other nonfiction are written under the name Justin B. Long, while his sci-fi and fantasy is written under J. Boyd Long. The common threads throughout his writing are personal growth, overcoming challenges, and love of nature. His books have been Amazon bestsellers and enjoyed by readers all over the world.

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Justin B. Long J. Boyd Long
J. Boyd Long author books
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Justin B. Long
Justin B. Long
Justin B. Long
Justin B. Long Erica Lacher DVM

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Check out my blog! There are a variety of interesting topics, mostly life lessons that I've learned and want to share.

About the Author

Justin Boyd Long

Justin Boyd Long is a self-embracing nerd who loves crunching numbers, researching interesting things, and listening to podcasts, in addition to reading loads of books. His exposure to Stephen King’s books at the age of 10 probably stunted him in some way, but he is still determined to leave the world a better place than he found it. He lives near Gainesville, Florida on a small farm with his incredible wife, 7 horses, 5 cats, 2 donkeys, 2 dogs, and a sheep named Gerald.

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