The DimWorld Series

Every time there is a major event in history, a new dimension is formed. In the original dimension, Outcome A occurs. In the new dimension, Outcome B occurs. For example: when Columbus arrived in the Bahamas in 1492, a new dimension was formed. We know what happened in our dimension. In the new dimension, he was met with hostility. His ships were burned, he and his crew killed. The entire colonization process of the Americas changed. 

As you are probably realizing, there must be hundreds of dimensions. Thousands. They all have a shared history up to the point that they diverge. 

A company called DimCorp has created a portal system that allows them to travel between dimensions. They are not using their power for good. 

Quentin James has decided to do something about that. Welcome to DimWorld.

Genesis Dimension

J. Boyd Long

Release date: 18 Feb 2019

Dark conspiracies. Secret portals. Will one tech nerd take on a multidimensional black market?

IT geek Quentin James may be an idealist, but an oil corporation signs his paychecks. When he stumbles upon a horrific crime carried out in the name of profit, he’s the only person with a shot to bring the C-suite to justice. Hunting for evidence in the culprit’s office, Quentin and his best friend get caught red-handed and escape—through a portal to another dimension.

Trapped in an alternate history and armed with nothing but his wits, Quentin can barely wrap his head around the full extent of the company’s atrocities. Now in an interdimensional race against time, he must take down the money-hungry CEOs before they corrupt every corner of the universe.

Can Quentin fight back against a crooked and powerful enemy before his only reality is death?

Genesis Dimension is the first book in the fast-paced DimWorld science fiction thriller series. If you like accidental heroes, parallel world paradoxes, and thought-provoking settings, then you’ll love J. Boyd Long’s action-packed tale.


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Kirkus Review of Genesis Dimension

In this debut sci-fi novel, a man investigates the interdimensional secrets of the evil corporation that employs him.

Other than his micromanaging boss, Quentin James enjoys working in the IT department of IBZ Energy, one of the world’s largest oil companies. But when he is asked to open an encrypted file for one of the company’s top executives, he sees that it contains photographs of IBZ security contractors murdering oil pipeline protesters. Hoping to blow the whistle on the company’s crimes, he and his friend Eissa go in search of the DimGate, which Quentin believes to be some sort of secret hard drive. But they end up being trapped in a mysterious locked room in the COO’s office: “In the center of the room was a door. It was flanked by a large gray box on each side, which sat perpendicular to the door. It looked like someone had taken two industrial breaker boxes and used them to hold up the door like giant bookends.” The DimGate turns out to be a portal to other dimensions, and after Quentin and Eissa are forced to use it to escape detection, they find themselves in an alternate version of 2015 where electricity hasn’t been discovered and the United States is at war with the Native American tribes that rule the territory west of the Mississippi. There, Quentin learns that IBZ is a subsidiary of the interdimensional DimCorp—and it’s been up to a lot worse than just “killing a few protesters.” In this series opener, Long describes the mechanics of the world with clarity and humor. His prose captures the wonder, fear, and excitement of his nerdy protagonist: “What a noble cause, and what an adventure it must have been,” thinks Quentin after learning about a small interdimensional resistance to DimCorp. “The last clear thought he had before drifting off to sleep, was that he, too, was on an adventure, and it was fantastic.” The portal-based world-hopping should appeal to the general sci-fi crowd, and the book’s themes—which take a critical view of the greed and power of international corporations—lend a deep relevance to Quentin’s quest.

A fast-paced portal adventure with some well-integrated social commentary. – Kirkus Reviews

When Good Plans Go Bad

J. Boyd Long

Release Date: 01 May 2019

Slavery. Oppression. Can one pacifist cross dimensions to right these wrongs without shedding blood?

 After his failed strike against DimCorp, Quentin James is desperate for redemption. Needing to train before his next mission against the sinister conglomerate, he and his team jump through an alternate dimension to a Costa Rican rainforest safe zone. But as soon as they arrive, he’s horrified to discover that half of the once-liberated native tribe has been enslaved.

 When his mentors are captured, the avowed peacemaker knows he must lead the revolt to reclaim their freedom. But outnumbered and up against a broken tribal leader who refuses to risk any more lives, Quentin will have to rely on his wits, sneak attacks, and some hi-tech gadgets to win the day.

 Can the reluctant hero defeat a powerful outpost and liberate his friends and allies without betraying his code?

When Good Plans Go Bad is the second book in the action-packed DimWorld science fiction thriller series. If you like alternative histories, innovative tech, and high-stakes battles, then you’ll love J. Boyd Long’s mind-bending novel.

 Buy When Good Plans Go Bad to watch a young man fight a deadly dilemma today!

Inside The Machine

Release Date: 01 August 2019

A guilt-ridden hero. A multiverse in danger. An impossible choice…

Quentin James is torn between his pacifist ways and fighting for justice. Taking a break to collect his thoughts, he jumps dimensions to a futuristic vacation spaceport to plan his next move. But when he runs into DimCorp’s ruthless security chief, Quentin’s nose for trouble uncovers a highly personal apocalyptic threat.

With only a week remaining before his home dimension stares down a fiery doomsday, Quentin races across dimensions gathering the high-tech tools needed to avert the disaster. But with his enemy hot on his trail, and his family in dire peril, his vow of nonviolence could cost him everything.

Will this imminent destruction force Quentin to put aside his morals to stop a bloody genocide?

Inside The Machine is the pulse-pounding third book in the DimWorld science fiction thriller series. If you like fast-paced action, high-stakes battles, and conflicted heroes, then you’ll love J. Boyd Long’s gripping story.

Buy Inside The Machine to watch a young man defend his world today!

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