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J. Boyd Long


DimWorld: Foundation

Genre: Fiction, fantasy

Release Date: Spring 2018

About the book:

Dimworld: Foundation is a modern dystopian fantasy novel, and is the first book in the DimWorld series. The exploration of both humanity and society across a variety of dimensions is thought-provoking, while the main characters provide an entertaining and comedic contrast to the grim realities of a world ruled by greed.

Quentin and Eissa are an unlikely pair of heroes, and their struggle to understand the darkness of the human psyche is exceeded only by their determination to overcome it. Quentin’s serious, intellectual demeanor is offset by Eissa’s baudy, in-your-face style of humor and conflict resolution. Together, they transform from accidental trespassers from another world to committed warriors engaged in a battle against tyranny.


“What if we set this side for 31?” Tocho asked. “Do you think it could be as simple of a fix as that?”

“Nothing is ever that easy,” Bob said. “Except when you try the complicated stuff first, then it’s always the simple answer that you didn’t bother trying.”

He set the control panel to 31.

“Same rules as before,” Tocho instructed. “Especially now, since we really don’t know what to expect when we open the door.”

They all nodded, and Tocho opened the door. After glancing around, he stuck his head through the door and looked around. Seeing nothing that alarmed him, he took a cautious step through, and then another. Quentin edged closer to the door, trying to see what was on the other side. He could see some trees beyond Tocho, and a brilliant blue sky, but little else. Tocho walked on a bit, looking around.

Suddenly, he spun around and came racing back towards the door, waving Quentin out of the way. He bounced off the door frame, yanking the door closed behind him.

“Not good,” he panted. “My heart’s beating too hard.”

“Take it easy,” Bob said. “Deep breaths, hands on the knees. I don’t need you to have a heart attack out here.”

Tocho bent over and took a few deep breaths. “Put this one on the no-go list,” he said after a moment. “They still have dinosaurs. Big ones.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Eissa asked. “At this point, I assume you’re just fucking with us when you say things like that.”

“Nope, dead serious,” he said, holding up three fingers and tucking his pinkie under his thumb. “Scouts honor.”

“Shit,” Bob said. “That’s a new one on me.”

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Adventures of the Horse Doctor's Husband

Genre: Creative Nonfiction

Release date: Spring 2018

About the book:

As the title suggests, this is a fun-filled collection of adventures that has come from being married to a large animal veterinarian. From weekend colic emergencies to rescuing abandoned kittens, from newborn foals to escaped donkeys, this touching auto-biographical book has something for every animal lover! 


As I pulled into the driveway and stopped at the gate, I saw Mrs. Cotton on the other side of the gate on a golf cart. She opened the gate with a remote control, and then zipped off down the driveway. I followed behind her.

“She’s going faster on the golf cart than I feel comfortable going in the truck,” I said, as we swung off the paved driveway and headed across the field towards the lighted barn in the distance. “She’s going cross country like a baja truck racer.”

We bounced along behind her, and pulled up near the barn. Mrs. Cotton was already off the golf cart and waiting outside the door before I even got it in park and shut the lights and motor off. She doesn’t mess around.

“Good morning!” I said with a smile. “I heard you’re going to be a new mom!”

“I already am,” she said. “The foal hit the ground about five minutes ago. Herbert’s over there with them. You grab your stuff and I’ll meet you in that pen right there.”

She pointed beside the barn, and then set off at a fast clip. She was tiny, probably not much more than five feet tall. Arthritis was bending her over in the spine, but it wasn’t slowing her down any.

I hurried around the back of the truck, where Erica was getting her stuff together. I grabbed the bucket, which we would put the placenta in so we could check it out later, and a few pairs of disposable rubber gloves. Erica grabbed her stethoscope, thermometer and headlamp, and then we headed towards the pen where Mrs. Cotton had vanished.

About the Author

J. Boyd Long

is an American author. He has written over 50 short stories, as well as full-length creative nonfiction and science fiction novels. His passion for nature, science, and the preservation of the ecosystem is a consistant underlying theme in his writing, as is his quest to understand humanity and its endless struggles.

In addition to writing, Long’s creativity also comes out in the form of paintings, as well as music. He has an appreciation for large paintings, and enjoys using vivid colors with intense contrast. His interest in music centers around the acoustic guitar.

As a nature lover, Long is passionate about the natural world. He enjoys hiking, canoeing, snorkeling, and visiting state and national parks. He also enjoys amateur astronomy.