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J. Boyd Long

Fantasy and Science Fiction Author

Author. Blogger. Philosopher. 

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DimWorld: Foundation

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction

Release Date: Fall 2018

About the book:

Dimworld: Foundation is a modern sci-fi novel, and the first book in the DimWorld series.

Imagine if every time a major, earth-changing event happened, a new dimension was created: one where the event happened, and one where it did not. For example, in one dimension Columbus was welcomed on the beach by the natives. In the newly formed dimension, he and his entire crew were killed, and the colonization of the Americas was strongly resisted.

There are dimensions in which Hitler won World War 2, dimensions in which the Roman Empire still prevails, dimensions where the Egyptions are still building pyramids, dimensions in which dinasaurs never went extinct. There are endless dimensions, all of which have a shared timeline up to a certain point.

Now, imagine a company that has developed the technology to travel between these dimensions. This company can mine precious metals, gem stones, oil, lumber, food, and slave labor from endless under-developed dimensions, and sell it in endless developed dimensions.

Now imagine two people who stumbled across one of these doors, and stepped into another dimension. They are confronted with the realities of the price of doing business, and they must make a choice: Do they go back home and try to forget what they have seen, or do they try to fight the industrial consumption machine?

This is DimWorld. We choose to fight. Will you?


“What if we set this side for Dimension 31?” Tocho asked. “Do you think it could be as simple of a fix as that?”

“Nothing is ever that easy,” Bob said. “Except when you try the complicated stuff first, then it’s always the simple answer that you didn’t bother trying.”

He set the control panel to 31.

“Same rules as before,” Tocho instructed. “Especially now, since we really don’t know what to expect when we open the door.”

They all nodded, and Tocho opened the door. After glancing around, he stuck his head through the door and looked around. Seeing nothing that alarmed him, he took a cautious step through, and then another. Quentin edged closer to the door, trying to see what was on the other side. He could see some trees beyond Tocho, and a brilliant blue sky, but little else. Tocho walked on a bit, looking around.

Suddenly, he spun around and came racing back towards the door, waving Quentin out of the way. He bounced off the door frame, yanking the door closed behind him.

“Not good,” he panted. “Oh man, my heart’s beating too hard.”

“Take it easy,” Bob said. “Deep breaths, hands on the knees. I don’t need you to have a heart attack out here.”

Tocho bent over and took a few deep breaths. “Put this one on the no-go list. They still have dinosaurs. Big ones.”

“Are you kidding me?” Eissa’s eyes widened as doubt and fear fought for control of her face. “At this point, I assume you’re just fucking with us when you say things like that.”

“Nope, dead serious,” he said, holding up three fingers and tucking his pinkie under his thumb. “Scout’s honor.”

“Shit,” Bob said. “That’s a new one on me.”

DimWorld: The Cacao Insurrection

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction

Release Date: Fall 2018

About the book:

Dimworld: The Cacao Insurrection is a modern sci-fi novel, and the second book in the DimWorld series.


With the DimGate system functioning again, the team sets off on a mission to free a small tribe from slavery on a cacao plantation in Central America. Their goal is to achieve freedom for the Bribri people without violence through diplomacy and reason, but Vincent Macalister, who runs the operation for DimCorp, isn’t interested in what they have to say.

When the plan falls apart, Quentin is forced to take a leadership role that he isn’t prepared for. He knows he is smart enough to find a logical solution to the problem, but he also knows that he doesn’t have the killer instinct that is required to beat people who only respond to force. He struggles to hold himself together and salvage the mission while trying to avoid sacrificing his friends in the process.


 “Quentin, I need some help.”

He turned and jogged over to her. “What can I do?”

“This guy got hit in the brachial artery. He needs surgery, like, right now.”

She packed the hole in his bicep, and grabbed the hand of one of her assistants and placed it on top of the wound.

“Keep your hand on that, firm pressure. Don’t let off of it, or he’ll bleed to death.” She turned to Quentin. “This is way beyond what I can do. He needs someone to sew his artery back together.”

“Can’t you do that?”

“No, you gotta have another piece of artery to put in there, like replacing a section of pipe.”

“We don’t have anywhere to take him,” Quentin said. “What does that leave us for options?”

“He’s got about fifteen minutes,” Eissa said. “I guess the only thing we can do to keep him alive is to cauterize it.”

Quentin’s mind was racing as he considered all the angles. “We’ll never get a fire built and hot enough that fast, and we can’t get him to the village that fast either.”

“My other option is to amputate his arm, but I really don’t have the tools for that either. Also, we’d still need to do some cauterizing.”

“The cabin,” Quentin said. “There’s a little propane torch at the cabin. It’s in the box of stuff on the porch.”

“Can you get there and back?”

“The door is right around the corner,” Quentin said, already running. “I’ll be right back.”

“Bring a screwdriver or something,” Eissa shouted after him. “Something metal.”

Adventures of the Horse Doctor's Husband

Genre: Creative Nonfiction

Release date: Spring 2018

About the book:

As the title suggests, this is a fun-filled collection of adventures that has come from being married to a large animal veterinarian. From weekend colic emergencies to rescuing abandoned kittens, from newborn foals to escaped donkeys, this touching auto-biographical book has something for every animal lover! 


We stepped out the back of the barn, and looked over the fence into a well-lit paddock. Mr. Peabody looked like something from a horror film. His face was covered in blood, and there were flaps of skin hanging down all over the place. His chest was also covered in blood. He was white, so the gore stood out in stark contrast, making the scene even more shocking. I forced myself to maintain a calm, professional attitude, and not blurt out all the horrible things that came to mind, like “HOLY SHIT!” and other similar thoughts.


Erica turned around. “Back to the truck, quick,” she ordered. “We’re going to grab some drugs and some supplies. I’ll need a lead rope that can get bloody, and a water hose.”


“I’ll have both here when you get back,” said Nancy. I could tell that she was a solid, no-nonsense kind of person that could handle a crisis, which was a relief in this situation.


We hurried back to the truck.


“That horse is in trouble,” she said. “I’m glad we were close by, and not at home.”


She directed me to put various things in the tray as she pulled a variety of drugs out. We headed back through the barn, where the group of dinner guests had migrated down to the paddock.

About the Author

J. Boyd Long

is an American author. He has written over 50 short stories, as well as full-length creative nonfiction, fantasy, and science fiction novels. His passion for nature, science, and the preservation of the ecosystem is a consistant underlying theme in his writing, as is his quest to understand humanity and its endless struggles.

In addition to writing, Long’s creativity also comes out in the form of paintings, as well as music. He has an appreciation for large paintings, and enjoys using vivid colors with intense contrast. His interest in music centers around the acoustic guitar.

As a nature lover, Long is passionate about the natural world. He enjoys hiking, canoeing, snorkeling, and visiting state and national parks. He also enjoys amateur astronomy.