What is the DimWorld series all about?

DimWorld is the series of books I’m writing, in case you’re not familiar with the title. I’ve made a few vague references to it in blogs here and there, as well as some posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (I’m easy to find: @JBoydLong on every platform), but I haven’t given a breakdown on the concept of the series, and today I’m going to fix that.

In the DimWorld universe

DimWorld is short for Dimension World. The concept here is that every time there is a major event in history, a new dimension is formed. For example, in our dimension Columbus landed in the Bahamas and was welcomed/accepted by the natives. This was a major event because it led to the colonization of the Americas by Europeans. So, at that point a new dimension was formed in which he and his entire crew were killed upon arrival. That, of course, had a massive impact on the future of Europe, as well as North and South America.

There are lots events throughout history that spawned new dimensions, and events within each of those dimensions that created new dimensions. All dimensions share a history up to the point that they split, but they all have a different present, and a different future. There are dimensions where major wars had different outcomes, or empires survived rather than falling (or vice versa), assassinations and rebellions that either took place or didn’t take place, and so on and so forth. The possibilities are unlimited.


DimCorp (Dimension Corporation) is a company that deals in raw materials and natural resources. They developed the technology to move between dimensions using DimGates, which they use to take resources from under-developed dimensions and sell them in advanced dimensions.

They use the indigenous populations in the less-developed dimensions as a workforce, and usually as slave labor. This allows them to mine resources like copper, tin, and iron at a very low cost, and transport it directly to where it needs to go in another dimension. DimCorp has expanded both their production and their sales across a variety of dimensions, making them the richest and most powerful entity in existence.

Introducing Quentin and Eissa

Quentin is our main character in the series, and Eissa is his best friend. Quentin is a 40-year-old IT computer geek who has spent most of his life philosophizing with Eissa about the problems with people and society, but never actually doing much of anything about it. He’s a good guy, and well-intentioned, but it never crossed his mind that he might be able to do something to make the world a better place.

On the day that a DimGate appears in front of them, their world is turned upside down. They cross into another dimension, and find themselves trapped in a world where the United States only goes as far as the Mississippi River. Everything on the other side is controlled by the Native Tribal Alliance, and the war between colonists and natives is still going strong. Eissa, a Native American, suddenly finds herself far behind enemy lines.

Our unlikely heroes eventually find some help in the form of Bob and Tocho, a pair of aging rebels who spent their lives fighting DimCorp. The more they learn about the victims of greed, the more incensed they become, and when they finally get a chance to go home, they are also offered the chance to stay and fight.

The series follows their adventures and exploits as they try to stick up for those without a voice, as well as confront their own inner problems along the way. Eissa’s brash tongue and quick wit create laugh out loud moments as she tries to help Quentin as he struggles on his quest to find his purpose in life, and the confidence to fulfill it.

Where do things stand?

Foundation and The Cacao Insurrection are the first two books in the DimWorld series. They have both been written as first drafts, and the goal is to have them rewritten, professionally edited, polished and published by fall of 2018. If you subscribe to this blog (and please do!) you will stay updated as we get closer to the release date.

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